Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Rambling of Mine

To introduce this blog, I shall elaborate my intentions in creating it. Its main purpose is to provide a place for me to react to the things I read and learn in my Fairy Tales college course. This of course brings up another question: why am I taking this course? To be honest, it does fulfill several graduation requirements, but beyond that, I thought it would be fun to go take a second look at the fairy tales I grew up on with a new perspective (that of a college student rather than that of a child). The professor of this class also happens to be a future professor of mine if I am to continue my German minor, and I thought that it would be advantageous to have a class taught in my native language as a basis for that future relationship, though obviously this can be only a secondary consideration where college requirements are concerned.
Now that we understand the reasoning behind my taking this course, we can look at what I hope to accomplish in it. Well, the main goal is to learn about fairy tales in their origin(s), meaning, and structure. In addition, my own personal approach to the course (perhaps it’s the history major in me) will be to try to glean truths from what are generally considered fictitious stories. Whether or not I am successful, or if it is even possible to do so in the case of fairy tales remains to be seen, but one cannot deny the fact that people did create these tales for some reason, however fantastical the events in the tale.
To end this first entry in a blog about fairy tales, it would make sense to talk about my favorite one, Hansel and Gretel. This tale is close to my heart because it involves the tight bond between siblings carrying them through dangers, and is one of the more obviously dark tales we tell to children, no matter how much we sugar-coat it. After all, there is no hiding the fact that the parents choose their own lives over those of their children, or that those children kill the witch, as they are integral parts of the tale. That said, I am not particularly enamored with fairy tales any more. However, the fact that they held my attention as a child is something worth looking at, I think.